What memories vault the marrow of my bones

Musings, tales and reflections from the Old Wolf

Brekex Koäx
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Within our flesh, behind our costume so very civilised, lies a beast lurking in the shadows; ravenous, desirous and immutable.

The thin of it:

I am an oneironaut.

With an explanation:

Not a pompous statement, it is actually what I dedicate myself to.

The thick of it:

As a child I once cried because leaves gathered at my feet while I was standing alone in the gloaming. I was nine or ten. This was a prologue for the rest of my life.

Gripped and possessed of images.

This "I" is not "The I", which above "My I".

I live on the bridge between This and That, but visit both sides and am able to breath their air and occasionally understand and speak their languages.

It is against my ethos to bring any shadow content into the light of consciousness, rather I prefer to see the dark and listen to the silence... explore the underworld in its own terms and under its own logic, consciously.

I sustain myself from the aether that binds dreams to perception.

I do not care for values. I value what I care for. I care tremendously.

No, no, no, you must understand, it is not a lugubrious matter. I dance through solitude.

You can swim through it, you know, the darkness, without drowning in it. That is it, really. The point.
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